"Fate / stay night" New movie version of the movie first appearance in the mobilization rankings first place!

It is a flash report from🇯🇵Japan_____

"Fate" New version of the 🎥movie version starts 👑1st! : 🇯🇵Japan domestic movies Weekend box office results

According to the movie crowd mobilization ranking in 🇯🇵Japan
in 🇯🇵Japan and the 12th and 13th announced on January 15, 2019 today (According to the box office correspondent), 
"Fate" theatrical version of "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]" 2nd chapter "II.lost butterfly" (released January 12) won first place with first appearance.
Chapter 1 "I.presage flower" (released October 14, 2017) also won the first appearance in 日 🇯🇵Japan in the mobilization ranking, and it was a great achievement following the previous work!

Visual in Chapter 2 "II.list butterfly" ofthe animation "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]"

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